L2 Series Slip-On Exhaust // 2014-2017 Wildcat Trail - 2015 Wildcat Sport

Speedwerx L2 Series Slip-On Exhaust

The L2 (Light n' Loud) Series Slip-On Exhaust is designed to increase power, add acceleration and throttle response, lose weight and give your machine a new deeper, throatier sound. With this exhaust, you are also eliminating the catalytic converter that is inside the OEM muffler- that means more air flow for better performance, and less heat retention for cooler engine compartment temps.

This muffler adds 5hp and is 4.6lbs lighter than the stock muffler. No EFI changes are required, but a Power Commander Fuel and Ignition Controller is recommended for optimum performance. Check out our Performance Exhaust Header and 2016 Sport Muffler combination for even more power!

The L2 Series mufflers have a custom aluminum shell with steel cores and packing material. They are 100% rebuildable with all inner parts being removable.


Update! In addition to the original straight outlet muffler, you now have the option to select one with a turn down installed to redirect the exhaust if you have an accessory bumper installed.




Dyno Testing Info:

The dyno sheet shows a stock 14-15 Trail/Sport with only a K&N drop-in filter vs. the same with our Q6 Stainless Steel and L2 Aluminum Body Slip-On Mufflers paired with the new Dynojet Power Commander V Fuel and Ignition Controller. The Slip-Ons and PCV combo showed nice gains through the entire powerband, with the L2 at +5 hp and the Q6 at +4.5 hp over stock. As you can see, the Q6 runs nearly identical to the L2, which is pretty impressive for a muffler that is only 3-5db above stock- that should make it a great option for anyone that wants a quiet, good looking, maintenance free exhaust! The L2 is the choice for those that want a more agressive race sound and the lightest weight possible. For even more power, take a look at our new Exhaust Header that's based off the 2016 Sport with the larger muffler inlet- you can bolt on an impressive 9.5-10hp over stock on 14-16 Trail and 15 Sport models with our Header/Slip-On/PCV combo!

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