Hypershift Clutch Kit // 2014-2017 Wildcat Trail / 2015 Wildcat Sport

Speedwerx Hypershift Clutch Kit

Our Hypershift Clutch Kit for the 2014-2017 Wildcat Trail and 2015 Wildcat Sport includes our 6-Series Machined Weights with an Adjustment Kit, a new Primary Spring, a complete Secondary Clutch assembly with a multi-angle helix, and our H5 Alloy Secondary Spring. This kit was designed and rigorously tested by the staff at Speedwerx to insure that it will increase your machine’s acceleration, backshift and all-around performance.


6-Series Machined Weights with Adjustment Kit- Our machined weights come heat treated and black oxide coated to prevent wear and corrosion. These weights are designed specifically for the Wildcat Sport and Trail 700 models with the TEAM primary clutch. They have more tip weight compared to stock for a more aggressive upshift and more belt squeeze. They are also adjustable up to 2.4g more using the threaded hole in the tip of the weight to add the screws and washers included in the adjustment kit.

Primary Spring- A different OEM Arctic Cat spring was chosen as the best performing option when used in conjunction with the other components used in the kit.

Secondary Clutch- A new secondary clutch with a multi-angle helix offers better performance than the original clutch with a straight angle helix.

H5 Alloy Secondary Spring- The same H5 Alloy Secondary Spring that has proven to be a very worthwhile upgrade all by itself was chosen for the full clutch kit because of it's great acceleration, backshift, and engine braking characteristics. If you already have this spring installed on your machine, you can choose to delete it from the kit.

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