Power Commander V (PC5) for Arctic Cat ATV/SxS

The Power Commander is a fuel injection adjustment unit that plugs “inline” with the bike’s stock ECU (electronic control unit). The PC uses original equipment style connectors, so no splicing or cutting of the harness is required. Most installations take less than 15 minutes, some as little as 5 minutes. Changes are made to the bikes fuel and, in some cases, ignition curves via the PC’s on-board microprocessor. Using this technology we are able to offer a large area of adjustment without making any permanent changes to the bike’s ECU. Removing the PC returns the bike to its previous stock condition. Each unit comes complete with software and cable link that allows you to change between different maps or make adjustments to a map file. PC5 FEATURES: Reduced Size (Less than half the size of PCIII) USB Powered From Computer (9 Volt Adaptor is no longer needed for programming) 2 Position Map Switching Function Built In (Map switch not included) Gear / Speed Input (Allows for map adjustment based on gear and speed) Analog Input (Allows user to use any 0-5 volt sensor and built an adjustment table based on its input such as boost or temperature) -100% / +250% Fuel Change Rate (Allows more adjustment range) 10 Throttle Position Columns (Up from 9 on the PCIII) Enhanced “Accel Pump” Utility (Increased adjustment and sensitivity ranges)

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